Development with Portalplast

For decades, plastic has brought innovations of undeniable importance to the development of society.

Besides characteristics such as lightness, versatility, resistance, durability and high recycling capacity, this synthetic resin is always following the scientific and technological evolutions, making possible significant transformations in strategic sectors of the economy, such as communication, civil construction, agriculture, health, food, automotive, sports, among others.

Portalplast, a sustainable industry

To ensure the sustainable chain of the plastics manufacturing industry, it is necessary to recognize the importance of environmental, social and economic aspects in the management of resources, processes and people, as well as of product development and of the relationship with its value chain and with society.

The real gain occurs when companies understand that sustainability can be a competitive differential for their businesses.

Concerned with this important issue, Portalplast contributes to sustainability, currently providing scrap recovery services, with current volumes of approximately 1,500 tons/year, enabling its customers to participate in the sustainable chain.

Portalplast, a sustainable industry
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